Customized and efficient solutions without the stress.


With our substantial asset-based fleet and our expansive transportation partners, we are able to design a tailored, cost-effective solution that fits your business needs.

You can rely on KAMION professionals to handle difficult logistics and planning. We understand our client’s objectives and constantly strive to find the best solution to reduce expenses and expedite shipping.

With KAMION you can count on:

  • Detailed planning and flawless execution that will transport and handle your goods on schedule and with utmost care
  • Extensive vehicle fleet that will meet the needs of the most demanding clients and cargo
  • Exceptional support system and professionals with years of experience

With the assistance of KAMION logistics specialists, you can keep your challenging investment projects on track, on schedule, and on budget.


Our C-TPAT-certified terminal is well-prepared to handle all elements of transportation, including cross-docking and warehousing.

With KAMION warehousing services, you can streamline your supply chain and guarantee that your shipment is not only secure and on schedule, but also securely kept in one of our warehouse facilities.

KAMION warehousing and cross-docking solutions will:

  • Increase your on-time delivery by strategically placing your goods inside our wide network of warehousing facilities
  • Save you time and money by finding the optimal solution that works for your business
  • Dedicate cross-dock services that provide a cost-effective, flexible distribution solution that eliminates complexity and increases dependability

Long-term and short-term warehousing can benefit your distribution, and KAMION has the expertise and facilities you need to succeed.

Flatbed & Step Deck

We take pride in our extensive experience with flatbed and step deck transportation options. We have what you need for delivering building materials or goods that are too large for a vehicle or requires specialized loading equipment.

KAMION’s professional teams understand the specifications for flatbed and step deck transportation, and we recognize how difficult it can be to coordinate the specialized equipment required to satisfy the demands of any project. That is why, with flatbed transport, we provide the best logistics to overcome market risks and boost on-time performance.

Choose KAMION flatbed and step deck solutions if you want to:

  • Transport cargo that is too large for a closed vehicle or a van
  • Deliver cargo that must be side-loaded or crane loaded
  • Save time and money on logistics
  • Ensure proper management of specialized cargo and additional safety measures

If you need a flatbed trucking provider, KAMION’s experienced flatbed carrier service will complete the task safely and on schedule.

Expedited Upon Request

KAMION puts customers first and we will always exceed your expectations in terms of dedication and customer service. Upon request, we will accelerate your freight using innovative logistics to ensure that your goods arrive on schedule.

If your cargo is time-sensitive, KAMION will find a way to safely deliver your items on time. We can expedite your freight and provide the quickest possible shipping thanks to our vast network of vehicles and impeccable logistics.

KAMION offers:

  • A customer-first mindset that will prioritize your shipment and business
  • Detailed and experienced logistic teams dedicated to finding the best solution
  • Complete understanding of time-sensitive cargo and expedition requests that can make all the difference for your business

KAMION expedited services will deliver your shipment to its destination faster and more efficiently.

Controlled Temperature

You can rely on our trusted reefer services to deliver the personalized experience you want for transporting temperature-sensitive items.

Be confident that your  goods will be delivered safely and on time thanks to innovative technology, dedicated trucks, and monitored temperature control. KAMION employs the greatest security measures and only highly skilled specialists for specialty cargo, ensuring that every order, logistics, and transport runs well.

Why Choose KAMION for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo?

There are several aspects and variables to consider while managing temperature-controlled freight. Even if you’ve been in business for decades, dealing with the specifics might be overwhelming. Rather than doing it yourself, collaborate with a trucking service. KAMION takes pride in guaranteeing that your package arrives safely and undamaged.

  • Rely on high-end technology and temperature monitoring
  • Trust our reefer services that have experience with a variety of products and temperatures
  • Get the most personalized experience and transport that suits your needs

Truckload and LTL

KAMION provides a variety of transportation services such as truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. We are here to help you find the best solution for your transportation needs and the most cost-effective way to ship your goods.

Full Truckload Shipping

Truckload refers to ground transportation using a semi-truck. The most typical route is by dry van trailer, however refrigerated and open deck trailers are sometimes used. Even if the shipment does not require the full trailer, just one shipper’s freight is loaded into the vehicle with FTL.

Full truckload is used by shippers when:

  • The buyer would want to have an entire truck dedicated to their items.
  • The cargo is time-sensitive.
  • Because of the weight, it is more cost-effective than less than a truckload.

KAMION provides the vehicles and experience you require to make the best choice for your goods. If you want the greatest logistics and transportation, you can count on our experienced team.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

If you don’t have a full truckload, KAMION can provide a solution – Less Than Truckload (LTL). This cost effective option allows you to share space on the same vehicle with different shippers, lowering you price.

With KAMION, you can be confident that your goods will be carefully loaded and hauled alongside other commodities, and that the shipment will arrive safely and on schedule.